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Campanula hofmannii  

Creamy white, pendent, bell-shaped flowers from early to late summer. Dense, bushy habit.

Can be short-lived but sets seed readily, so can be treated reliably as perennial.


Full sun or partial shade.

Campanula hofmannii
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Campanula punctata f. rubriflora  

Large, ruby red bell-shaped flowers with gorgeous
crimson freckles inside. Lovely dark red stems and a dark red flush on young foliage.


Sun or part shade.

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Carex oshimensis 'Everest'  

Striking dark green and white striped leaves.

Evergreen. Very hardy. Excellent for winter pots.

30-45cm (12-18in).

Full sun or part shade.

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Carex oshimensis 'Evergold'  

Arching leaves. Cream with a
central yellow stripe.

Evergreen. Excellent for winter pots. Very hardy.

25cm (10in).

Full sun or part shade.

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Cenolophium denudatum  

Large heads of white flowers in summer, over finely cut fresh green foliage.


Sun or part shade.

Cenolophium denudatum
Price : 4.25
Centaurea dealbata  

Pink cornflower, with a creamy centre.

Flowering in midsummer.

Attractive to bees and butterflies. Good for cutting.


Sun or part shade.

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Centaurea macrocephala  

Deep yellow striking flowerheads, from mid to late summer.

Good for butterflies and bees.

1.2-1.5m(4-5ft). Sun or part shade.

Centaurea macrocephala
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Centranthus ruber 'Albus'  

Clusters of pure white flowers from late spring to late summer.

Attractive to bees. Good for cutting.


Full sun

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Cephalaria gigantea  

Primrose yellow scabious flowers
in summer.

Attractive to bees.

1.5-2.5m(5-8ft). Sun or part shade.

Cephalaria gigantea
Price : 4.50
Cortusa matthioli 'Alba'  

Pendent, bell-shaped, white flowers in late spring and early summer, over rounded leaves.

Ideal for pots, troughs or a rockery as it is slow to clump up.


Best in a cool, partly shaded position.

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